Master of Fine Arts

13 02 2015

I am finally recovered from the whirlwind that was my Thesis.  Thank you to all who supported me during the past 3 years.  My husband, family and friends, my teachers and colleagues…  I will be continuing with documenting my work on my website: so please visit often.  To wrap up this journey, I’ve included a few photos from my Thesis, “Nest”.

photo 4 photo 5  photo 7 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 BronzeBoot


New Work for Spring

20 01 2014

I am working with the glass negatives that I found.  Here are a few positives.  By keeping the files in color (instead of the black and white format of the glass negatives), the yellow aging on the negative turns this fabulous cyan color.




Winter Crit

20 01 2014

For winter crit, I showed my altered book and several digital prints.
Book 2 Book1 Book layereddigital1

In case you missed the open studio…

20 01 2014

Come and visit anytime, just let me know if you’d like to visit and we’ll set up a time!

DSC_0817 DSC_0815 DSC_0816

Info for the Open House at my new studio!

21 10 2013

Check it out! I have a lot of my best work on display. There will be plenty of snacks and wine :-). I hope you can drop in!




29 09 2013

Starting an experimentation with anthotypes, contact printing on vegetable or fruit stained paper.



WIP – Works In Progress Show

8 09 2013

A bit late, but here are a few shots of my installation, “3 Minutes”.  The projector was also the pinhole camera that took the still images.


The images were backlit on the shelves next to the projected movie.  The movie is the “reality”, what actually happened during the 3 minute pinhole exposures.




Plaster Castings.

8 09 2013


I found that the rust from the original sewer cover transferred to the mold, which in turn transferred to the plaster cast.  After pouring 5 molds, I was pretty excited to see less and less rust transferring.   Much like printmaking when no more medium is added, the next “print” passed along less material, causing the later casts to come out cleaner.


Sewer Cover Casting

6 08 2013

The mold-making and first plaster cast.






Prepped the original with petroleum jelly, covered with silicone, poured a plaster mother mold for support, then finally filled the mold with plaster for the first cast. I think I will leave this one un-manipulated, I love the rust residue!

Cutting, Grinding and Drilling

12 07 2013

Made an axl today for the peddlers cart pinhole camera. More to follow…